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Furniture|Today's 40th Anniversary

Clint Engel
Clint Engel, Furniture Today Senior Retail Editor, speaks about the many colorful characters in the industry and the great story tellers he’s worked with for over 23 years. The publication has evolved from a weekly to producing content online every day.

David Perry
Furniture Today Executive Editor David Perry reflects on his area of expertise in the industry, bedding. From his first market to covering one of the hottest categories in furniture, Dave is viewed as an expert with manufacturers and retailers alike.

Kara Dunlay
FT Midwest Territory and Progressive Business Media Event Market Manager Kara Dunlay speaks about working for a company that truly listens to customers and responds accordingly.

Melanie Bingham
Special Projects Manager, PBM – For more than half her life, Melanie Bingham has helped clients market their companies. From simple ads to full-fledged marketing campaigns, she’s worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Greg Schaftlein
PBM Production Director Greg Schaftlein speaks about the evolution of technology in his time with the company. From the internet, to printing plates , to digital publishing, he’s seen many changes in his years with the company.

Garry Grenier
Garry Grenier has spent three decades in the gift and decorative accessory industry as an account manager with Gifts & Decorative Accessories. Garry looks at how the industry has changed and how the publication has made an impact on the businesses it serves.

Kevin Castellani
Progressive Business Media Kevin Castellani looks back on his 22 year career, the ‘can-do’ attitude when it comes to serving our clients and how that has contributed to the longevity of the Furniture Today brand.

Our Services/Smart Solutions:

  • Complete Integrated Marketing Services that include concept, design, production of ads, on-line, direct mail, catalogs both print and digital, videos and customer outreach…we can do it all!
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production including product demonstrations
  • List rental for over 80,000 retailers
  • Direct Mail
  • Showroom Signage and In-Store Signage Solutions

  • E-Marketing
  • Custom Content – Repurposing our content and/or original content
  • Sales Brochures
  • Targeted Web Marketing as well as Re-Marketing from our websites
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Events
  • Proprietary Research studies with retailers or consumers
  • Telemarketing Outreach Campaigns


  • No other trade advertising company reaches as many retailers, manufacturers, suppliers as Progressive Business Media in the industries we serve.
  • Our experienced Marketing Services Team knows and understands the industries we serve.
  • Creating marketing programs that help you grow your business is our goal. We believe a satisfied customer is a customer that will return again and again…it’s a philosophy that has built our business.
  • We offer a broad range of talented artists, writers, videographers , web-op team and researcher professionals with industry experience to work with your organization.
  • We offer free consultations to help you build your marketing plans.

Our Values

Progressive Business Media is the premier business media and communications company with brands that deliver content and research in print, online, and at live conferences and events. PBM prides itself on being part of every business community it serves and bringing people together to discuss issues of the day and to deliver meaningful content. At Progressive Business Media, each of our employees and brands are committed to our core values known as the 4 Cs:


We strive to produce the very best content that help senior management make better decisions and run more effective businesses. This content is delivered on multiple platforms in an omni-channel approach.


We are a family business with an internal culture of putting the needs of our clients first and building relationships with the industries we serve.


We view our community both in terms of geography and the industries we serve. We strive to be good stewards and effective leaders of change and progress in our communities.


We take a consultative approach to our client relationships to be a smart and effective solutions provider for our clients’ business needs.

Our Vision

Our commitment to building relationships and listening to our employees allows us to be the trusted voice in the industries we serve.

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