Account Executives – Advertising in HOME Industry

PBM seeks individuals who wish to build relationships and inspire companies to tell THEIR STORIES:

  • Presents B2B multi-media campaigns to large, medium and small-sized companies in the HOME industry;
  • Builds relationships with company executives to understand how to partner in Client Growth & Branding through creative advertising solutions;
  • Partners with Editors, Marketing (internal ad agency), production and other support departments at PBM to deliver high-quality content and advertising solutions to CLIENTS;
  • Brainstorms and creates live conferences and events, research opportunities and digital campaigns that move CLIENT brands forward;
  • Travels to market events and visits CLIENTS individually (travel may be up to 50% of time); and
  • Continuously prospects for new CLIENTS in the HOME industry.

If you possess:

  1. Strong and proven relationship-building skills,
  2. Business acumen (prefer business degree),
  3. Desire to make money in an entrepreneurial environment,
  4. Experience with commissioned sales preferred, experience with sales courses or customer service needed,
  5. Proven ability to manage time/technology/energy to grow a portfolio, and
  6. Ability to travel up to 50% of time regionally


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