NEXT Retail Conference offers attendees foundation for the future

WASHINGTON – Progressive Business Media’s (PBM) NEXT Retail Conference, set for Sept. 25-27 at Washington Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., will provide the home furnishings industry with innovations, insights and interaction required to form a roadmap for continuing success and organizational growth.

NEXT will explore the future of retail and give retailers invaluable business insights to move this industry ahead. It will bring together many of the most forward-thinking leaders, up-and-comers and early adopters who will create and share the ideas that will shape the future of home furnishings.

Although the future is impossible to predict, NEXT will present a foundation to help attendees prepare for it, understand it and lead through it.

The conference will deliver a series of “business discussion groups” focusing on such critical, competitive issues as retail experience, digital marketing, leadership and strategic planning, and business systems and technologies. For those looking to immerse themselves in the baseball environment, the conference’s first day will conclude with batting practice and a tour of the stadium.

Presentations at the conference will focus on five leadership concepts that will enable forward-thinking innovators to lead through change: “Leadership Concepts for Today,” “The Rapidly Changing Customer and Competitor,” “Exceptional Retail Experiences,” “Today’s Retail Experience” and “Tools, Technology & Platforms to Make It Happen.”

The Washington Nationals Park is the chosen venue because the conference mission is complemented by the Washington Nationals attitude, business plan and ballpark. The selection of Nationals ballpark highlights the importance of drawing guests through delivery of a great experience, the importance of teamwork and the ability to compensate for the occasional curveball.

“A baseball team’s experience demonstrates the importance of a plan that takes a long-term view, establishes a strong foundation to build on and adapts to changing conditions, all characteristics of successful retail organizations as well,” said Matt Slaine, CEO, PBM. “These practical, collaborative sessions will not only create an outstanding networking experience, but also provide many of the ideas required to excel in these areas of one’s business.”

By the end of the NEXT Conference, attendees will learn about the most relevant ideas impacting their business’ success for today and tomorrow.

“This is more than just a conference; this is an idea share,” said Dean Horowitz, president, PBM. “It’s an interactive, high-engagement forum that will encourage and explore fresh ideas. Attendees will walk away with at least three actionable items they can immediately implement to their business.”

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